How to Reduce Wrinkles on Face Naturally

Wrinkles on Face

As years go by, we grow in wisdom, but shouldn’t be on wrinkles necessarily. One doesn’t even have to splurge on expensive procedures and chemical products to suppress these. By just doing the right basic things, using the potential natural stuff and avoiding the not so fit ones, you can successfully *reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I tell you, you don’t have to go farther than your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, just secure loads of discipline and self-control.

So, how do we achieve that? Not too quick, in order for you to understand better how our body works and how we are wired, let us know first why do wrinkles appear on the first place (let’s tackle on it scientifically but in as simple as possible).

Why do wrinkles develop?

Our skin, though it appears intact but is actually made up of two layers: the epidermis (top, outer layer) and the dermis (below, inner layer). Wrinkles develop in the dermis. This area is rich in proteins and collagen. Collagen is responsible for the skin’s elasticity and smoothness. However, as age takes its toll, less collagen is produced in our bodies. This lesser amount of collagen is physically expressed in sagging, wrinkled skin. More than this, there are a lot of contributing factors that may aggravate this condition. Read on for the Don’ts and Do’s to naturally reduce wrinkles on the face.


I purposely tackled on the dont’s first for you to avoid these things from this moment on as they can have a great impact to your looks. Yes, its not a typo, I really meant it when I refer to your looks in general. As you see, how you look  is not only a physical state but is also referent on how people perceive you as a person. Avoiding these things can do a lot not only to your physical well-being but also to your social and emotional aspects as well.

1. Don’t Smoke.

It is a common knowledge that smoking isn’t good for you and the million reasons not to continues to pile one upon another, the list just goes on and on. For you reading this article, wrinkled skin might be one, if not the best reason to quit or not to start at all. If you have been a smoker, it may be daunting to quit, but it’s not the inevitable, it’s possible and that you can do it.

Wrinkles on Face

Research shows that the skin of smokers ages more quickly than that of non-smokers. According to J. Taylor Hays, M.D., expert doctor, the Mayo Clinic, “The nicotine in cigarettes causes narrowing of the blood vessels in the outermost layers of your skin. This impairs blood flow to your skin. With less blood flow, your skin doesn’t get as much oxygen and important nutrients, such as vitamin A. Many of the more than 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke also damage collagen and elastin, which are fibers that give your skin its strength and elasticity. As a result, skin begins to sag and wrinkle prematurely because of smoking. In addition, repeated exposure to the heat from burning cigarettes and the facial expressions you make when smoking — such as pursing your lips when inhaling and squinting your eyes to keep out smoke — may contribute to wrinkles”.

2. Don’t drink too much.

Based on the result of the analyzed studies on the effect of *increased alcohol consumption on the skin by the CACI International, the largest manufacturer of non-invasive aesthetic treatment systems in the UK, tocixity left over in the body after a heavy night of drinking affects the skin, causing the appearance of dark circles around eyes, dryness from dehydration and puffiness from dilation of blood vessels. These effects can last up to a month as this is the window period for the skin to repair itself. Aside from this, the negative effects are quite long.

3. Don’t stay too long under Mr. Sun.

Though sun exposure have proven its benefits since time immemorial but staying too long under it is harmful. The World Health Organization’s report entitled Sun Protection: A Primary Teaching Resource, “Chronic overexposure to the sun can change the texture and *weaken the elasticity of the skin. Sun induced damage causes premature wrinkling, saga and bags, and easy bruising. Up to 90% of the visible changes commonly attributed to ageing may be caused by sun exposure.

4. Don’t stress too much.

Stress is harmful to your skin and to your well-being in general.

Wrinkles on Face

In a study conducted in 2015, researchers examined the skin of 5,000 participants. It was found out that those experiencing high stress had significantly more skin conditions compared to low stressed participants. This is due to the fact that stress triggers the release of hormones that causes swelling, irritation (allergic reaction), dryness (*promotes wrinkles so as to say); decreases moisture and prolongs wound healing.

Try breathing techniques or stress relievers programs in your daily routine to avoid stress and wrinkles.

5. Don’t sleep with your make-up on.

Basically, the reason why we sleep is for our bodies to recuperate from the days stress. This is achieved through nature-wonder hormones such as the growth hormone doing wonders in epidermal cell turnover during sleep in its peak an hour after the sleep cycle begins. While sleeping in your make-up doesn’t directly affect the hormones, it interferes with the results of its action. As the new skin cells are pushed towards the surface, the old cells sloughs off. Sleeping with make-up prevents the shedding of old skin, leading to a dull complexion. “The very first sign of aging is not a wrinkle; it’s a lack of radiance,board certified dermatologist Dendy Engelman says. It causes breakouts, too.

6. Don’t sleep on your side.

This is pretty simple, but sleeping on your side or much worse on your front every night can cause those sleep lines to be a permanent fixture on your face.  It is best to sleep on your back and *avoid skimping on your sleep. Put it a notch *higher by investing on satin sheets and pillow made of high thread counts to have a soft place to pamper our skin during rest time, besides we spend a third of our lives sleeping, that’s basically worth the investment.

7. Don’t forget to wear eyeglasses or sunglasses.

Wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses will *prevent you from screwing your eyes or squinting. These repetitive movement curves in those furrows and later on wrinkles from overworking your facial muscles.


Now, if you have to get rid of the don’ts then you’d rather do the opposite for the listing below. You ought to make sure to incorporate this to your daily routine. These are the things that you should make a habit to stay forever young.

1. Dab on some sunscreen.

If you go out in the sun always wear sunscreen all year round. According to Hermione Lawson from the British Skin Foundation, “It is never too late to start wearing sunscreen every day”. “We know UV exposure is the main cause of skin aging, and remember, even on cloudy days up to 80% of the sun’s harmful UV rays can reach your skin.”

2. Rehydrate.

“Drink plenty of water,” says registered dietician Perryn Carroll. Good skin starts from within. Stay hydrated with water. You can also hydrate by enjoying the *boosting goodness of coconut water, and antioxidant potent green tea. Hydration not only moisturizes from within  but it also works hard on ridding your body of toxins. Detoxifying and juicing are good options, too.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juice filled with Vitamins A and D will make your skin plumpier and glowing inside and out. So juice on whether from a local bar or from your very own juicer.

Lemon juice is one if not the best option out there when we talk about juices. But I’m not referring about drinking it but by applying it on your skin. I’m talking about slicing it and massaging the juice into problem areas with fine lines and wrinkles. There is also a brightening effect from the acid of the lemon not to mention that citrusy scent that will surely invigorate the senses.

3. Eat a healthy diet.

We are what we eat.

Eat more of the C Stuff.

Consuming food *rich in vitamin C in your diet may help *reduce the appearance of wrinkles. In a study of over 4,000 women in 2007, it was found that those who had higher intakes of vitamin C had lower levels of skin dryness and wrinkles. As a basic rule of thumb, good sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits, peppers, dark green leafy veggies, broccoli, peppers, kiwi, guava and berries.

This C could also mean consuming food rich in collagen, such as the gelatine for instance. This is a sure yummy way to look younger, right? If you are not a fan of gelatine, you may look into organic meat and bone broth (one of the best), dark green veggies, beans, egg whites and cheese.

Eat foods with omega-3 fatty acids.

This intensely keeps the moisture on the skin, helping you *avoid wrinkles, aside from keeping skin smooth and calm from skin conditions. Best sources would include fatty fish, olive oil, walnuts, flaxseed and chia seeds.

4. Get enough beauty sleep.

For ages, people have known this beauty hack, most probably from personal effects of doing such. Today, new research scientifically shows how invaluable a good night’s beauty sleep is to how your skin looks.

“Our study is the first to conclusively demonstrate that inadequate sleep is correlated with *reduced skin health and accelerates skin aging,” said Dr. Baron, Director of the Skin Study Center at UH Case Medical Center and Associate Professor of Dermatology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. “Sleep deprived women show signs of premature skin aging and a *decrease in their skin’s ability to recover after sun exposure.”

This study that he was talking about was the one conducted in 2015, wherein 60 women were observed by researchers. They were then categorized as either poor quality sleepers or good quality sleepers. Then their skin is evaluated based on sun exposure tests, laboratory tests and photos. The score they got from these tests were added and comprised the participants’ overall “skin aging” score, taking into consideration measurements of fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, reduced elasticity and uneven pigmentation. The higher the score, then older the appearance.

Results conveyed an average score of 2.2 was achieved by good quality sleepers, in contrast to the 4.4 average score of poor sleepers (whose skin looked older).

“Catching up” is never an option, it won’t help or reverse the damage on your skin. Sleep for 7-9 hours every night!

5. Moisturize naturally.

Women can binge-use from one product to another to no avail. Admit it, you once guilty of doing this. These products are but wasted money and ended up piling on the bathroom. There is no better way but to get to the basic of things, use natural products and oils, they may do wonders to your skin. Many have attested to this fact.

  • Use the amazing coconut oil – It greatly moisturizes when used topically and reduces wrinkles, ages spots, wrinkles, and the really unwanted cellulite.
  • The edifying Argan oil – It is drier than coconut oil, thus best for facial application. It is also intensely moisturizing, natural anti-inflammatory and a good source of antioxidants.
  • Jojoba, cannabis topical, grapeseed, and olive oil are great options, too.

Whip some egg whites.

I don’t mean eat here but to massage the egg whites you whipped on your skin, let it sit for about 15 minutes. By this time, it has fully dried, wash off with warm water .This simple but very effective way to *encourage the take up of B & E vitamins on the skin. Minus the harsh chemicals added in those chemical fountain of youth products out there.

6. Have some facial massage.

Using oil  of your choice, gently massage a good amount on your face prior to bedtime to increase blood circulation. Dab on with a soft and smooth towel. This will surely give you glow! Or better yet, using your favorite lotion, take the time to pamper your face a firm but gentle touch massage. Work extra on areas under your eyes, forehead and neck. If you are in for a professional treat, visit a reputable spa for a much deserved facial.

These are but the basics, take it from here. Living a healthy lifestyle and consuming the best natural products available are the best not only for your skin but to your overall health. A healthy body simply translates into a better looking physique and keeping oneself from getting sick will keep your optimum potential.

Give your best assets your best care and it will surely pay off not only for today but in the days to come. Though technologies newest are released by the minute but as we can see the trend comes back to what’s natural and basically, the most beneficial to us. We have been endowed with these resources since day one. Why spend a fortune, when most of the products around whether by the budget or not are made up of ingredients that are just found within our reach. Besides, nothing beats natural beauty!