How To Regrow Eyelashes Naturally

Regrow Eyelashes

Ever come across someone who’s completely had their eyelashes shaved off? What about someone with really long, voluminous eyelashes? If you’re a lady, you most likely know that the eyelashes are one of the biggest determinants of facial beauty alongside other features such as the shape of the face, the size of the nose, skin complexion, the hair, and whatnot. They also play an important role protecting the eyes from infection, injury, dust, and other irritants that may harm the delicate sight organs. But due to factors such as aging, disease, environmental stresses, personal preferences, and activities, it is not uncommon to find yourself struggling to restore those appealing eyelashes you used to have a couple of years, months, weeks, or days back.

This may not be the sole reason people wear synthetic or false eyelashes, but it sure as sunshine, is one of the most common. But synthetic protects have consequences if not side effects. They can be expensive and time-consuming, not forgetting that some of them look really fake rather than false. Unbeknownst to many, you can almost effortlessly regrow your natural eyelid hairs naturally using a number of ways. Below are some helpful pointers on how to regrow eyelashes naturally.

1. Apply Natural Oils

Natural Oil

Before going to sleep, it’s important to apply an oil mask to the eyelashes, especially if you want to regrow them. Just like your hair, the natural oils will have the same positive effects on the eyelashes. While doing this, use a clean mascara brush as it will be easy and less messy. You can designate a clean empty mascara bottle for this special purpose. Fill the bottle with your choice of natural oils but make sure to label it. You can also make a combo of your favorite oils. Below are a few examples:

  • Aloe Vera Eyelash Mask: Mix burdock oil, castor oil, and Aloe Vera, preferably a teaspoon each. To improve its efficacy, add 1-2 drops of vitamin A and E oils to your mixture.
  • Olive and Castor Oil: It thicker and longer eyelashes are anything close to what you’re after, the combination of these two oils will do the trick for you. Especially olive, these oils for arguably the best eyelash treatment for promoting healthy growth of eyelashes. Olive has plenty of amazing benefits on eyelashes.
  • Burdock Oil with Vitamin E Mask: Add two to 3 drops of vitamin E to a teaspoon of burdock oil. Apply it on your eyelashes every night before going to sleep for several weeks. You will definitely some changes within a few weeks in terms of length and thickness.

2. Go Easy With Makeup

Your eyelashes can also use some days off from makeup. This is because eyelashes take more time to grow compared to facial and crown hair. This calls for avoiding any kind of eyelash damage as much as you can. Some products may also be bad for the eyelashes so be sure to avoid products that can be corrosive. A few days free from makeup can give your eyelashes some ample time to heal and grow healthily. This is just one of the various benefits of skipping makeup for a while.

3. Avoid Rubbing the Eyes

Sometimes all it takes is simple discipline and the rest is up to nature. Most people have the tendency to rub and scrub their eyes whenever they feel itchy or slightly irritating. This isn’t advisable. It tends to cause eyelash breakage and shedding. If you must rub the eyes, only use water to gently clean the eyes of whatever is causing the itching in the first place.

Rubbing the Eyes

4. Be Selective When It Comes To the Falsies

The false eyelashes enhance your looks and transform your makeup. These false eyelashes come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Some have strong adhesives and will stick tightly on your natural eyelashes. At times removing falsies can cause your natural eyelashes to rip off, not forgetting that some may have harmful chemical ingredients. Be keen to use a clean cotton ball soaked in water when removing your false eyelashes. Leaving the cotton ball on the eyelashes for some few seconds can help soften the glue.

5. Focus on Proper Diet

Even with beauty products, you’ll need to have a healthy diet. This is what determines the health of your hair, nails, and skin. A balanced diet is vital as far as the health of your eyelashes and other body hair for that matter, is concerned. The most important nutrient to include in your diet, in matters hair, is protein. It forms the foundation of hair growth. For improved growth, take plenty of some other nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C, E, Zinc, Iron, and Omega 3s. Talk to your nutritionist about proper dieting for the best results.

Proper Diet

In addition to these, gently brushing your eyelashes regularly can also be helpful. Natural methods to regrow eyelashes are way safer and more convenient. The fact that the eyelashes take time to grow, creates the need for better care and maintenance.