Session 1 Introduction to Memory


        Feel Like You've Lost Your Brain?

        My Memory Is Not What It Used To Be

        Memory and Aging Quiz

        Why People Forget

        Memory Basics: How We Process Information

        Our Memory System

        Memory and Aging: Fact Or Fiction

        What Changes and What Doesn't, As We Age



Session 2 Factors that Positively Affect Memory


        Exercise and Memory

        Life-Long Learning

        It's All In The Attitude

       The Food Memory Connection



Session 3 Factors that Negatively Affect Memory



        The Health-Memory Connection

        Hormones, Hot Flashes and Your Memory

        Medication and Memory

        Feeling Sleepy?

        Depression and Memory

        Stress and Memory

       A Prescription For Relaxation



Session 4    The Basic Techniques


        Memory Strategies

        External Memory Tools

        Internal Memory Tricks


Session 5 Practical Applications


       Remembering Things You Have To Do

       Learning New Names

      Getting A Name When You Didn't

       Learning New Numbers

       Remembering Where You Put Things

       Remembering Lists

       Remembering What You Read

       Remembering Past Events

       Your New Motto