Feel Like Youíve Lost Your Brain?


       Canít remember where you put your keys?

       Forgot about an appointment?

       Canít put a name to that face?

       Keep forgetting to buy certain things at the grocery store?

       Canít remember a new phone number?


First, donít be so hard on yourself. No one can remember everything all the time!  Your ability to learn and remember things is affected by many internal and external factors. For example, your attitude, emotional state, physical health, conversational skills and use of external memory aids can all be factored into improving your memory performance.


Your ďmemory readinessĒ, or ability to perform a memory task, typically varies over the course of the day, or even the week, depending on how stressed out or tired you are. Research also shows that a personís actual memory ability is usually better than they think it is. Many people underestimate their memory skills, and think that they forget almost everything!


Regardless of whether you are young or old, a genius or not, most people can improve their memory Ė by learning what factors affect memory and by practicing tricks and tips that make remembering easier.





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