Activate Your Memory




















Research has shown that exercise not only improves physical health, but it also has improves mental health and mental fitness! People who are physically healthy tend to do better on memory tasks. The research has also shown that immediately after exercising, people are able to learn and remember new information better than if they has been sitting still. Why is this? One possible explanation is that exercise means that there is greater blood flow to the brain. This increase in blood flow gives your brain more oxygen and other nutrients, which it uses as food. So, get moving! Get active!



Also interesting is the finding that for people who feel depressed, participating in a regular exercise program can help them feel less depressed. This is especially important to remember since depression can make memory worse too. Weíll talk more about the depression-memory connection later.



But if you canít participate in regular physical exercise, donít despair! Research has shown that keeping active in other ways can also help keep your memory stable. The more activities you take part in (e.g., socializing with others, walking, gardening, playing cards, dancing, going out, playing bingo, reading, doing cross-word puzzles, etc..), the better your memory ability will tend to be. Keep busy! Keep active!







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