Medication and Memory


Some medications that are prescribed for medical problems can cause difficulty with memory. 

Medications that are particularly prone to causing side effects related to memory include those used to treat depression (e.g. Prozac, Zoloft, Wellbutrin), anxiety (e.g. Ativan, Rivotril), high blood pressure, allergies and epilepsy.



If you notice that a medication you are taking seems to be making your memory worse, talk to your family doctor. Often there are alternative medications available that have fewer side effects on memory. If there is no alternative medication available, the side effects may have to be tolerated because the medical risks associated with not taking the medication is greater that the memory problems you may have when you take the medication. You should never stop taking a prescribed medication without first discussing it with the doctor who prescribed it for you.



It is also very important to tell your doctor and your pharmacist about all the medications that you are taking. This is because it is often the interaction of two or three different medications that is causing the memory problems.







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