Chunking Technique


As we talked about earlier, our working memory has a limited capacity. It can usually hold between 5 and 10 chunks of information at a time. A chunk means pieces of information that hang together in a meaningful way.

For example,



·       7 (seven), 3 (three),  9 (nine)  are three chunks, but 739 (seven hundred thirty-nine) is one chunk.


·       H,   O,   M,   E is four chunks, but the word “home” is one chunk.


Everyone would agree that it is easier to remember one chunk than it is to remember three or four!


To use the Chunking Technique, all you have to do is to break down the information into smaller, meaningful groups or chunks. Keep in mind that it’s easier to remember several shorts lists rather then one long one. You can remember more if you separate it into meaningful bits:


·       1-800-547-7968  -vs-  1-800-KISS-YOU




This number appears too long to remember, doesn’t it?


8  0  7  3  4  3  8  1  1  0 


When you put into telephone-number format, like this 807-343-8110, it’s easier to remember!







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