Learning New Names


There are many techniques to use to help you remember new names.



·       Look for an image in the name, and visualize it.


            For example, Mr. Frost, Mrs. Green, Dr. White, Sandy (sand)



·       Associate the name with similar-sounding word or phrase, and then visualize that word.


            For example, Aurelio = Oreo, Christine = Listerine, Lee = Bee, Eileen =“I lean”



·       Associate the name with the person’s job or hobby.


            For example, Mr. Wise is a professor.



·       Associate the name with a distinguishing feature of the individual: 


    1. Identify a distinguishing feature, for example, the person’s nose.



    1. Transform the person’s name into a concrete object(s). For example, Mr. Carson - car and sun form a mental image of that object(s) car driving of into a setting sun.



    1. Exaggerate the distinguishing feature and combine it with the mental image of the object. For example, a nose on top a car that is driving off into the setting sun.


    1. When you see the person, his nose will then serve as the cue for the mental image, and from the image you form the name.




·       Use the SALT Method


This is another useful method, which can be used any time you meet someone new. It can also be used along with the imagery techniques just described.



Say the name aloud.

Ask the person a question using his/her name.

At Least once, use the name when talking.

Terminate the conversation by using his/her name again.



For example, when your friend Jim introduces you to Betty for the first time, this is what the conversation might sound like:


Jim:     This is Betty.


You:     Hello Betty, pleased to meet you.


Betty: Pleased to meet you too.


You:     So, Betty, what brings to you Thunder Bay?


Betty: Well, I am just down to do some camping…..


(talk, talk, talk).


You:     That’s so interesting, Betty, because I feel the way about that……


(talk, talk, talk).


You:     It was great meeting you Betty, good luck on your camping trip. Hope you don’t see any bears!









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