Getting A Name When You Didnít


Dr. Cynthia Green, in her book ďTotal Memory WorkoutĒ talks about what to do when you donít remember the name of someone you have already been introduced too, someone whose name you feel you should remember. Everyoneís been in that situation before. What can you do? She suggests:


       Letís Make A Deal


Make a deal with your friend, husband or wife that if you are ever in a conversation with someone and you donít introduce them, itís because you canít remember the personís name. This is your friend/husbandís cue to introduce themselves to this ďnamelessĒ person, thereby getting them to give you both their name. Then you say, ďoh, I'm so sorry, this is my husbandÖ.Ē



       Play cards


If the person whose name you canít remember is a professional, ask for their business card. When you get the card, it will give you plenty of opportunities to practice the name later.



       Do the right thing


You can always ask the person to remind you. Chances are that he or she has forgotten names in the past as well, and maybe even yours!







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