The Healthy Way to Weight Management


A combination of healthy eating and physical activity is the best approach to managing weight. It is important to listen to our body's internal signals for hunger, appetite, and satiety so that we eat when we are hungry and stop when we are full and satisfied. With healthy eating, we would follow regular habits such as eating three meals a day and snacks to satisfy hunger. Some things to consider when trying to lose weight are:


        Before making any dietary or physical activity changes, a registered dietitian and physician should be consulted.


        Make gradual changes to eating habits and physical activity to ensure that they become part of regular lifestyle.


        Set realistic short- and long-term goals.


        Avoid fad diets. Meet the body's nutritional needs through a lifetime change in eating habits. Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating can help in making healthy choices.


        Eat a variety of foods.


        Eat regular meals and snacks.


        Eat more complex carbohydrates and lower fat foods.


        Increase fluid intake, especially water.


        Lose weight gradually. A safe rate of weight loss is one-half to two pounds per week. At higher rates, more muscle and fluids are lost rather than fat.


        Include more physical activity in daily routines like taking the stairs at work or walking to the variety store instead of using the car.        




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