Session 1   Everything You Wanted to Know About Stress


        Where Did Stress Come From?

        What Exactly Is Stress?

        Modern Day Stress

        Balancing Stress

        Good Stress

        Bad Stress

        What Happens To Your Body

        Health Implications of Daily Stress

       Stress-Related Conditions

        Are We Better Off These Days?

        Benefits of Stress Management

        Case Example Elaine

              Case Example Allen



Session 2 Understanding Your Own Stress


        How Stressed Are You?

        Where Is Your Stress Coming From?

       Your Stress Journal

        Venting Therapy

        Positive Rebuilding

        Case Example Roger

              Case Example Marilyn



Session 3 Building Your Stress Management Toolbox


        Becoming Stress Resistant

        Move Your Body, Remove Your Stress: Using Exercise

        Some More Exercise Ideas

        Laughing Our Worries Away

        What Makes You Laugh?

        More Practical Suggestions

        Abdominal Breathing


       Guided Imagery and Visualization

        Progressive Muscle Relaxation

        Booster Shots

        Suggested Reading