Bad Stress


If a stimulus we react to is negative, we are actually feeling ďdistressĒ though we label it as stress. It would be like getting a call from your dreaded Uncle Fred whoís coming for a visit and you didnít invite him, and donít want him to come - because he stays up all night drinking beer and calling people long distance on your phone. Or, on a more serious note, bad stress might mean having to get a pap test redone, or having a painful impacted jaw tooth removed.


Maybe the tax people re-assessed you and you cannotfind the receipts they demand. You could owe them $4,000 and you donít have it.


Money worries are a big stress. Bills seem to come from nowhere, just when you feel youíre getting ahead, the furnace breaks down or your daughter in Calgary needs help and you fly there and before you know it, the credit card is looking pretty ragged.


On a daily basis, it could be a 40 minute highway drive when thereís heavy transport trucks on the road, lots of snow coming down and the icy conditions make it worse. You look down and your knuckles are tight on the steering wheel. Your head throbs and the muscles across your shoulders and in your neck feel tense and achey.


If you work outside the home, maybe your boss has been on your case about an overdue report and when you get home your husband is in a bad mood and your son has dropped off your 2 grandkids, who are fighting over whoís turn it is to use the computer. You feel tense. Youíre shaking.


Letís say you get into a heated discussion with your oldest daughter.She wants you to look after her visiting in laws at your house, over the holiday time. You have more space than she has. For your part - you are tired of cooking and cleaning for others and you donít want your privacy invaded. Your daughter persists, making promises of helping to get ready, extra cooking, etc. You feel mean because you arenít willing to do this. Your daughter whines and cajoles. You hang firm but feel increasingly upset. Why canít she leave you out of this? Your daughter loses her temper and leaves abruptly, slamming the door. You feel awful. You are shaking.








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