Health Implications of Daily Stress



Think of your body as being a large tree trunk. Now mentally give your self a razor-sharp pen knife. Every time you react to stressors, every time you get upset, think about the reaction being the same as if you took a small nick with that sharp knife, out of your ďtrunk.ĒItís only a little knife and itís only the smallest cut, but gradually the cuts will add up. Gradually you will do serious damage to the trunk. Thatís how you need to think about stress damaging you, itís an accumulative process. It is very tiny little nicks- but over a passage of time, those nicks will add together. Eventually you can have medical problems like high blood pressure or tension headaches or some other possibly preventable condition.




Letís say youíve gone to the market - maybe youíre in a big hurry and the woman ahead of you in the check-out line canít find her bank card. Or heaven forbid, she has 18 items in a 16 item check-out. You know because you counted them. You are fuming! Youíre giving audible sighs. Youíre looking daggers at her. Will we soon be calling this something too - like ďgrocery check-out rage?Ē Maybe.





With or without a name, stress is still hurting you. That little sharp knife is out and itís chipping away at your trunk. And you thought you were only in there for groceries. You finally get your purchases, go on home and forget about the grocery line-up but you still feel uptight, the chemicals are still pumping. Like a giant computer, your body has reacted to and been damaged by ...stress. How many times in the run of a day do we let minor things ďgetĒ to us? Minor things that are chipping away at our health. Welcome to modern day stress. No sabre tooth tigers here, no big green monsters trying to eat you up - but you are nonetheless experiencing lots of damaging physical and emotional reactions to the overwhelming stress in your life.







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