Are We Better Off These Days?


While it is true we are now living longer than we ever have, are we living better, healthier, than before? Modern medicine with its wonderful pills and incredible technical advances for treatments and operations- means diseases and conditions are being dealt with incredibly well. But do we have a higher quality of life? Are we healthier than 100 years ago when the life expectancy was lower or are we just here longer? Is it quantity verse quality? Could stress management change that?


In bygone years, heart disease and cancer would kill us off quite quickly when they developed, are we now living much longer with these diseases? We can be treated now, cured sometimes. But is our health as good as it should be? Could lowering our stress levels have a direct impact on that? We believe it can. How many bottles of aspirin and other pain killers go over the counter and into your medicine cabinet?  How many packages of Tums, bottles of Pepto-Bismol, laxatives, sleeping aids, allergy medicines, diet aids, tonics and supplements, cold remedies and immune boosters  get bought yearly - not counting the billions of prescribed drugs taken?  Pain killers, barbiturates and mood altering drugs are frequently prescribed medications.


Yep, we are indeed living longer, but thanks to our reactions to negative stress, we may not be living better, healthier.


The good news is - each of us can live healthier- if we make a concentrated effort to invest in our health by learning to identify bad stress and choosing healthy strategies to overcome a lot of the negative side effects.







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