Benefits of Stress Management


Ideally, stress management needs to begin when we’re young so that we don’t have battered, scarred trunks when we reach mid life and beyond. But, the reality is, most of us never consider stress as damaging ...until we’ve been reacting to it for a long time. The good news about our amazing bodies is that once we identify the stressors and make some definite life style changes, we can often reverse a lot of the damage. Sort of like being able to get some wood filler, apply it to the nicks on the tree trunk, then sand it down to recreate a smooth finish on your trunk. Stress management can really promote better health.


What are some of the benefits of stress reduction?


·        Better immune function

·        Less illnesses and physical complaints

·        More energy

·        Feeling more relaxed

·        Sleeping better

·        Better digestion

·        Calmer mood

·        More focused, more positive







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