Becoming Stress Resistant


Get a checkup to rule out medical conditions


If you know you’re under a lot of stress and are experiencing stress symptoms, your first important step is a trip to your doctor for a thorough check-up. He/she will order some routine tests and do a full physical at your request. You may need to ask for extra time when you make the appointment. Make sure your doctor thinks it is ok for you to begin an exercise program, should you decide to do that.



Examine where your stress is coming from

Clear some time for yourself and take a long, hard look at how you are doing. You’ve taken the stress tests and quizzes. Now is the time to make a commitment to over-coming your stress symptoms and generally learning how to handle stress in a healthier way.

Put YOU first!  Make a commitment to yourself




The strategies we teach, work. The more you use them, the more they work. Decide which ones are most likely to suit you and your lifestyle, then design your personal “de-stress” action plan.


It will mean putting yourself first, at least for a portion of your day, every day It may mean juggling tight schedules, setting you as a priority.  It will mean saying no sometimes - to demands being made on you by others. Most likely you were brought up to believe being selfish was bad, get over it. When it comes to your health and well-being, selfish is not only good for you, it is exceedingly wise. You may need to have a critical look at cutting back on some of your responsibilities to create “me time”.  Do it.


Learn to say “NO”



Learn to say no at work and at home.


If your standards of housekeeping dictate that you dust weekly and clean your entire house most weekends, rethink it or get some help. Nobody is ever remembered fondly as a great housekeeper, it’s not what they’ll put on your headstone after you’ve gone. Whether we choose to be cremated when we die, or are buried and take a slower route, we all end up as some version of ashes, as dust. What a pity to waste a lot of joyous living time on something as ordinary as dusting.


Enjoy your life


Lighten up, smell the roses, wear purple, dance with your husband, wife, friend, or your cat more often ... while you leave the pots in the sink more often. Your time is valuable, investing in you is having self-savvy. Time spent de-stressing is worth a fortune. Your good health and longevity depend on it.  







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