Some More Exercise Ideas


Finding the right exercise fit may take time. Some people do well in a gym or at aerobic dance classes, while others fare better at home. The key to finding your exercise niche is to look at your habits, your lifestyle and maybe try different things until you discover a good fit. Consider your body rhythms to fit exercise into the best slot for you - early in the day or later - depending on whether youíre an a.m. or p.m person. It may mean getting up an hour earlier or rearranging things at lunch or suppertime.


If youíre easily bored, you may need to vary the routine to maximize staying committed. However you manage, getting fit and staying fit is one of the best investments in self youíll ever make! You need not spend a lot of money. Walking is free, gym memberships can be as cheaply as $2 a day. Second-hand treadmills and exer-cycles and other equipment are for sale in daily papers. Money spentto get healthy is a smart investment.


Many folks do Yoga.A form of exercise that is good for the mind while improving strength, flexibility and circulation, yoga is highly relaxing. Practised for centuries, yoga may be an exercise choice in addition to cardio/strength training. Tai Chi is another excellent type of work -out - it focuses the mind while exercising the body. People of all ages enjoy Tai Chi and Yoga. If you canít get to a class to learn, there are excellent books and videos available in your library, bookstore or on the Internet.



In summary, try these ideas:


        Walk with a friend.

        Join a gym.

        Sign up for an aerobics or step class.

        Try yoga or Tai Chi.

        Dance, dance, dance!

        Buy an exercise video for home.

        Look for guidebooks at the library.

        Surf the Internet for workout plans.



These days, people of all sizes and shapes are getting fit, thereís no magical right age either. If you are 45 or 65 or 80 and your physician says itís ok, you can reap all the benefits. The days of the jocks and the spandex Barbies being the only folks in the gym are gone. You may look like Delta Burke or Dr. Ruth, it doesnít matter one hoot. Fit makes everyone feel and look great. Itís an incredible weapon in your personal wager against stress. 







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