Laughing Our Worries Away


        ďAlways laugh when you can. Itís cheap medicineĒ -Lord Byron


        ďA smile is a curve that sets everything straight.Ē- Phyllis Diller 


Many times in our hectic lives we fall into the habit of taking things ... life,far too seriously. We donít stop and rate the real importance, we donít take the time to put things that happen to us into perspective. We certainly donít always stop and smell the roses or the lilacs or even the dandelions. We react. We stress our bodies, ourselves, we damage our essence. We donít ask ourselves, when confronted with something stressful, will this matter 2 days from now, or 2 weeks or 2 months from now?


It is NOT worth getting your knickers in a twist, not worth straining your artery walls for. We can choose not to react, not to freak, not to worry, not to fret. The ball is always in  our court. We must take the time to pause and put things into perspective.


Laughter is a good drug. The chemical benefits from smiling and laughter are the same, whether they are real or fake. Your body still pumps out the endorphin when you grin at yourself, or force a laugh. You reap what you sow, itís amazing. Believe in laughter, it heals.

Problem is, we donít laugh nearly enoughÖ.







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