What Makes You Laugh?


How do you find laughter? What about if nothing feels funny? What do you do? Need some suggestions?




·        As much as possible, avoid negative people and gravitate towards happy, upbeat or happy and serene people. They are good for you!

·        Check out numerous laughter sites on the Internet, books and tapes on humour, joke books.

·        Watch funny, upbeat sitcoms, old movies like the Pink Panther, or funny plays.

·        Invest in comedy props like whoopee cushions and clown noses.

·        Visit stand-up comedy clubs and light-hearted destinations.



When you need to feel silly:


·        Why not spend an hour at a toy store?

·        Spend time in the humour section of a bookstore or library.

·        Go for a swing in a kids’ play ground.

·        Paint a picture.

·        Make a Playdough figurine.

·        Try on crazy hats.

·        Take clowning lessons.

·        Learn some crazy jokes.

·        Buy yourself a prize or an ice cream.


When was the last time you bought cracker jacks to get the little prize or acted like a kid or hung out with kids? Kids know how to laugh, how to be happy and giggle. They aren’t uptight and self-conscious about being silly. Bless them, they offer up an excellent example. Like zebras, little kids don’t get ulcers! Do something totally silly and out of character every once in awhile. Remember this quote:


“You don’t stop laughing because you get old ...you get old because you stop laughing”







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