More Practical Suggestions


Learning to identify, rate and handle your stress is important. As we have stated over and over, it is critical to your good health. It is a vaccination against ill health and disease. As someone said, don’t sweat the small stuff cause ... it’s all small stuff.


Here are more ideas for de-stressing:


·        Spend more time with friends who make you feel good.


·        For every negative statement you make, make two positive statements to counteract the negative.


·        Be quick to forgive, slow to judge harshly.


·        Don’t gossip.


·        Drink lots of water. Often we feel weary when in fact we need to hydrate our bodies more.


·        Break up tasks up so you can deal with them one piece at a time.


·        Reduce noise in your life. Turn off the phone, cut back on email, leave the TV off.


·        Have long hot showers or fill the tub, surround it with candles and soak away your stress.


·        Get some sea monkeys or a gold fish, walk a dog.


·        Simplify your surroundings. Get the clutter out of your life, and your work place. Clutter can stress so needlessly. If something doesn’t work, fix it or throw it out. If you haven’t worn it in 2 years, give it to the Salvation Army. You need peaceful surroundings to be stress free.


·        Make a wish list. Start to do or get those things on your list.


·        Find a joke to tell. Laugh more.


·        Count your blessings daily. Write them down, count them ... instead of sheep.


·        Be free with compliments, call an old pal and catch up on what they’re doing.


·        Pamper yourself. Buy yourself flowers or house plants, or jewellery, a new outfit, or chocolates, a rich dessert or fun appliances. Regularly.


·        Make new friends, talk to strangers in the supermarket, compliment the guy at the gas bar or tell the check-out girl she’s doing a great job.


·        Barbecue in the middle of winter - complete with marsh mellows toasted for dessert.


·        Have a massage, a pedicure, a manicure, a sauna, a facial, a bubble bath with candles around, get your hair done -not because it needs a cut or colour, just because your due a treat.


·        Try aromatherapy, get music of waterfalls, or gentle classical relaxation music. Mozart is soothing. Music can have an enormous impact on your mood. Wake up to Marvin Gaye singing “Heard it on the Grape Vine”. You’ll smile immediately. Dance around the house.


·        Don’t get all stressed and say “yes” to a request you don’t want to do. Unless it’s at work and part of your job, say simply, “I can’t”. If pressured, just repeat, “I can’t do it” until the message gets across. DO NOT feel guilty or make excuses. Unless you’ve committed a crime or hurt somebody, guilt is a wasted emotion, it serves no purpose.


·        You forgive others, right? Now, forgive yourself.


·        Treasure self time. Every day. Give yourself a compliment daily.


·        When you start the day, say aloud, “today is going to be a good day!” It will be. Sit on the edge of your bed every morning and do this - it sets up the expectation!


·        Smile at yourself in the mirror, tell yourself you’re gorgeous.


·        Consider failure for what it is - an opportunity to learn something new.


·        Be as kind to yourself as you would be to your best friend. Be as non-judgmental too.


·        Don’t fall for unwelcome peer pressure, at any age.


·        Praise yourself more, worry less.


·        When you wake up at 4 a.m. and you’re worried and fretting, get up, write down a couple of lines about the issues, get a glass of warm milk and get back to sleep. Remember, the mind can play tricks in the dark of night. Defer the problems until you get up. Then, defer them again. Pick a time when you can indeed focus on your troubles, let’s say between 9 and 10 p.m.  Every time worrisome things start to stress you, put them into the “worry time slot” and mentally force positive, pleasant thoughts into your mind instead. It takes practice to undo old worry patterns but it can be done successfully; you’ll feel so much healthier, so much calmer and more in control, when you do. They say 90% of the things we worry about never happen. And usually they don’t, or at least not as badly as we imagined them.







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