Booster Shots


If you have worked through this program, youíll hopefully have committed to getting the stress out of your life, to putting more joy and peace back in. To rebuilding your health. There are many, many strategies to relieve stress. Weíve covered a large number of them, you may find others. While your resolution and enthusiasm is high, you may well practice stress relieving strategies and feel better, develop a better sense of calm and control. However, life today is fast paced, demands are high and itíll be a challenge not to slide back into your old, stressed-out habits. To say it again, stress damage is not usually obvious right away, itís a layering thing, it build up silently. It is bad for your well- being.


Take the date of your birthday each month to reflect inward, to revisit how you are looking after you. Itís hard to put self first, itís difficult to pace yourself all the time, but it is critical to really work on an ongoing ďhealth-for-meĒ plan.Youíll reap the benefits, all the people who care about you will too. You could well live significantly longer, certainly youíll feel better. You can do this! Youíre worth it! Donít just be here for a long time, be here for a good and joyful time.







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