Skin Lightening Pills Celebrities Use

Image of Rihanna's bleached celebrity skin

We are all well aware of the fact that many of the celebrities use various creams, oils and pills to lighten their skin tone. Despite the fact that we are becoming more accepting towards different beauty standards, skin tones and more… most people still wish to achieve light skin tones and that does not exclude celebrities at all!

Now you are probably wondering to yourself which celebrities are we talking about here, but really, it is most of the celebrities you see lately.  We are just going to let you know a few of them that openly use skin lightening products and the results are visible.


Picture of Beyonce's lightened skinQueen B, one of the most popular stars in Hollywood, a woman that keeps on topping charts! As one of the wealthiest women in the world, she is idolized by many and she is a real player in equality of black and non-black music artists.

It is no secret that Beyonce has tried to lighten her skin tone over the years.  The changes of her skin tone are easily visible when looking at pictures from different periods of time. The interesting thing about Beyonce is that her skin lightening routine looks more like brightening than bleaching, which is actually a great thing because it makes it look all more natural.

What is Beyonce’s skin lightening routine?!

The real trick behind Beyonce’s glowy look is actually skin brightening, which is done without bleaching your skin at all. Using a smart combination of exfoliants or even only your everyday AHA containing products, you can easily get rid of dead skin layers and reveal lighter and brighter look than ever.


Picture of celebrity Rhianna and her lightened skin toneAnother queen that tops all charts and never fails to amaze us with her talent. Rihanna has been a part of Hollywood for a while now, and she is still making miracles happen!

Rihanna is known for changing her skin shade and that is all seen by looking at the past pictures that show her skin color has ranged a spectrum of different shades. We have all noticed this, but she has not publicly said anything about it at all. She changes her look very often and tries on all kinds of trends so skin lightening is probably a part of her routine, too.

What is Rihanna’s skin lightening routine?!

It is hard to know everything Rihanna does, but she is surely using a lightening skin care regimen of products that consists of melanin blocking cream.  These types of creams helps fade away darker pigments and that is exactly what Rihanna goes for.

A retinol cream combined with hydroquinone makes her skin visibly lighter than before. We also believe Rihanna is taking glutathione to change the way her melanin functions, that is why we can all see the difference in her skin pigment!

Nicki Minaj

Photo of celeb Nicki Minaj and her bleached skinNicki is one of the most famous female rappers out in the world.  She has been topping the charts for quite a while and her look is very much different and unique compared to the rest of the known celebrities.

Nicki Minaj is one of those celebrities that are constantly being asked this question, and the question still remains unanswered. All we have is many fans and bloggers commenting about her skin getting lighter over the years. Lightning and makeup can do a lot with our looks, which is why everyone is speculating about her skin lightening treatments.

What is Nicki Minaj’s skin lightening routine?!

Nicki does not seem to be using skin lightening too drastically, it looks like that sort of lightening you could achieve by using a natural skin lightening cream (we like Meladerm) with melanin blocker such as mulberry extract or kojic acid.

Mindy Kaling

Photo of celebrity of Mindy Kaling's bleached skinShe is hilarious, quirky and a very interesting person.  Mindy is everything but not an average celebrity. Mindy has shown herself to be getting lighter as the years go by and it is very hard to say exactly what is she doing to achieve this look. Back in the days when she just got famous, her skin care routine was not as efficient as the one she uses now.

Not only her skin changed the tone, it also became a lot healthier looking at the pictures from the past and current ones.

What is Mindy Kaling’s skin lightening routine?!

Mindy’s skin was in a rather bad shape when she first became a celebrity, now it is a whole different story. All of this starts with an awesome, strong sunscreen in combination with melanin blocking skin lightening cream. There also has to be some kind of exfoliation in her regiment because her skin looks brightened up and has that stunning glow everyone talks about.

Lil Kim

Pic of celebrity Lil KimAnother great rapper that has made a lot of good tunes!

Lil Kim has definitely changed her skin tone over all these years, many say it is all purely due to makeup, but that cannot be true, in our opinion.  It is pretty obvious it was due to skin lightening.

Lil Kim has never spoken or confirmed any of this but the changes are obvious as well as her comfort with cosmetic procedures.

What is Lil Kim’s skin lightening routine?!

Lil Kim’s changes are a pretty much drastic, and over all of the years she has changed a lot of things related to her appearance. Looking at her skin color she probably did all of the treatments related to skin lightening, including laser skin lightening. Laser skin lightening is extremely expensive and requires multiple treatments.