Does Vitamin C Really Work For Skin Lightening?

picture of citrus, demonstrating the benefits of vitamin c for skin lightening

Vitamin C actually lightens our skin?

Flawless skin tones have always been a very hot topic, majority of the people work hard to achieve that beautiful and flawless look. Brown spots, pigmentation issues, acne spots… these are one of the most annoying things and all these can be *solved with your Vitamin C intake.

For all of you who wish to lighten your skin the natural way, but effective, make sure you wisely choose from a huge variety of home remedies and naturally available skin lightening vitamins (fruits & vegetables). Picking the natural way of lightening your skin means that you can achieve your dream look without any side effects, but of course, make sure you are well informed about how much vitamin C you should take to achieve the results.

What is actually Vitamin C and where to find it?

Before you go ahead and you plan it all out, it is extremely important to *learn what is vitamin C and how you can use it to lighten your skin. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a water soluble vitamin that is required by our human bodies for all of the cell functions. Vitamin C is also well known as an antioxidant that *neutralizes free radicals that are very harmful and can damage our skin, even other important organs of our body.

Lemons, oranges, mostly citrus fruits are your best and easiest method towards good Vitamin C. If you are not really a fan of the fruits, try out dark green leafy vegetables or even capsules/pills filled with Vitamin C.

How is Vitamin C even related to skin lightening?

For you who might not know, melanin is a pigment made by melanocytes, these determine our skin color and tone of it. The more melanin your cells produce, the darker your skin is going to be. Most of the dark skin pigmentations comes from long sun exposure, medications, hormonal imbalances and more.

So, how does Vitamin C whiten our skin?

Not only Vitamin C can be very effective in skin lightening, it also *prevents weakening of collagen and makes sure your skin integrity remains well maintained. Not to forget, Vitamin C also helps *heal wounds and greatly *reduces capillary permeability.

Knowing all this, it is easy to say that Vitamin C *slows down the aging process and maintains brighter and lighter skin. Vitamin C has that acidic nature that helps cleansing and *eliminating infections, keeping our skin healthy, smooth and bright!

How to use Vitamin C for skin lightening?

A great thing about Vitamin C is that no matter the amount, your body has a limit on it and it will use just enough as it is needed, but it will get rid of all the excess when you take it in higher dosages.

To get best skin lightening results, try out using topical Vitamin C, which is said to be a lot more effective in skin lightening than oral intake. You can even try making a combination of a rich Vitamin C diet with topical for even better results!

How much Vitamin C should you take to lighten skin?

Important thing to know is that Vitamin C cannot be stored in your body and that means you need to include it in your diet on daily basis. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (The RDA) for an adult is 40mg per day, but really Vitamin C is widely available in foods and vegetables, even drinks sometimes!

A high dose of 1000-3000mg is recommended by experts for those who want to see the results of skin lightening, but remember, larger amounts of recommended dosage can cause stomach pain and diarrhea.

Along with your Vitamin C intake, also practice suitable skin care routine, cleansing and exfoliating your skin.

Things to know about Vitamin C skin lightening pills!

As already mentioned above in the text, Vitamin C is obtainable in various ways. You can obtain it from vegetables, fruits, pills and supplements. Scientists all over the world have proven that capsules and tablets are consumed to *increase glutathione in our bodies. Glutathione helps to whiten the skin, *eliminate dark spots and more.

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There are various effective skin lightening pills that you can find on the market, however you should always be careful.

Just like anything else, these pills do have side effects:

  • Possible hormonal imbalances due to disrupting normal body production of glutathione
  • Various allergic reactions such as pimples, skin swelling, rashes – if this happens visit your dermatologist right away!

Do not take any risks, before using any Vitamin C whitening pill, consult your dermatologist and seek for advice.

Things to know about topical Vitamin C for skin lightening

Truly, topical Vitamin C is widely available in all of the stores and it can be found in various forms of lotions, serums, creams. To know which product is the best, always check the label and look for a PH lower than 3.5 and concentration of 15% up to 20%.

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Just like the pills, creams also contains glutathione and it is responsible for pheomelanin that gives your skin the lighter complexion.

Yes! Vitamin C REALLY does work at skin lightening!

Not only it turns out to be healthy for our body and immune system, but it is also a great addition to our skin health!  Eat oranges, lemons and never forget that Vitamin C cannot be stored, you need to take it yourself!